Mission Awareness Week

On April 11th, we’re hosting Missionary Steve Kang (Taiwan) to commence a special mission awareness week at Pilgrim and Chara. Join us on Sunday at 10 and 12 as Missionary Steve speaks on “Motivation for Missions” (Matthew 28:19-20)!

Midweek Activities

Tuesday Fellowship: A Study on “Mission in a Changing World”
Wednesday Prayer: A Special Time of Prayer for Taiwan
Friday Podcast: Segment on Mission Fields and Missionaries

Taipei, Taiwan

Steve & Sehee (Kris) Kang are serving in Taipei, Taiwan. They have two daughters, Samantha & Zoe. Their vision is to assist in local church planting movements along with supporting and teaching at seminaries in Taiwan (China Reformed Theological Seminary in Taipei) to train and equip pastors.

Sehee is part of a counseling practice in Taiwan that works with churches, missionaries, ex-pats, and local people. She also serves a larger MTW counseling network as a resource to others throughout Asia.*

*From https://www.christcentralsc.com/missions