Growth is important at Chara. Find out the ways you can grow in our community below.

Membership Training

We believe that all Christians have been called to be a member of the church. We offer monthly membership classes to teach and educate believers to become faithful stewards of God’s church.


Class 1: About Church
Class 2: About Faith
Class 3: Becoming a True Member
Class 4: (Optional) About Baptism

Discipleship Training

Discipleship Training is the foundation for building a healthy Christian life. We invite anyone who has a vested interest in learning about the Christian walk to take on this journey with us.

Our Resource:

The program that we use ‘Called to Awaken the Laity’ was written by Rev. John Oak (Sarang Church). His studies brought a new revival of discipleship training within the Korean church and they are stilled used widely today in many churches.

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